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NAR Agrees to Commissions Settlement; Join CRMLS CEO Art Carter and VP & General Counsel Ed Zorn for Their Response 

A discussion on what this means for brokers, commissions, and the MLS   

As of March 15, NAR made a public announcement describing a proposed settlement regarding the home seller class action lawsuits. 

On Wednesday, April 3, CRMLS CEO Art Carter and VP & General Counsel Ed Zorn will be discussing this outcome and what it could mean for CRMLS users during a special session for brokers.

CRMLS Industry Lawsuit Update with Art Carter and Ed Zorn
Wednesday, April 3 at 1 PM PT

Note: This event is for brokers and managers only. Please do not share this link. This webinar will not be recorded.

If you would like to familiarize yourself with the case and the settlement, please watch:

  • this short video of Art and Ed Zorn giving a brief overview of the settlement on the day the news broke
  • a follow up video addressing common questions, statements, and misconceptions
  • a detailed discussion where Ed talks about the case with NextHome’s CEO James Dwiggins and Strategic Officer Keith Robinson.
  • And visit our NAR Settlement Resources page, where we will keep you updated with the latest information as this story develops

We encourage you to share these links with your agents as well; they are publicly available on YouTube.

CRMLS will continue to provide transparent communication regarding any developments following the proposed settlement. Our goal is to ensure we maintain the cooperative spirit of our industry to support agents, brokers, and consumers.

How to Power Your Searches When You’re on the Go

A real estate agent’s job isn’t bound to a desk. Between open houses, meeting clients, working with contractors, and so on, there’s a never-ending list of reasons why you need to be out of the office and out on the go. MLS data should be as accessible to you in the field as it is at the home office. CRMLS offers a host of options when it comes to searching MLS data through your phone. 

All the apps featured in this article include the following features:  

  • your listings
  • agent-branded apps to share with clients
  • boundary lines 
  • free download on Android and iOS 
  • in-app messaging
  • mortgage payment calculations 
  • search by map, share to social media 
  • CRMLS agent roster 
  • Open House information

Beyond these shared features, each no-cost core product mobile search option has its own benefits.  


Designed for CRMLS users and integrated into your MLS, this app is the only one that updates MLS information every 15 minutes. It offers quick access to all property data right from your phone or tablet, plus the ability to share listings with clients via text, email, and social media. 

Homes Pro

The Homes Pro app (from is the only app that provides unique CMAs. It also has tools for client collaboration along with feedback options and activity reports. Listing Agents benefit from the “Your Listing, Your Lead” policy – when visitors show interest in your listings, those inquiries are sent straight to you; other agents cannot advertise on your listing.  


Not only does MLS-Touch enable you to search via map, filters, sales comparisons, or market statistics, but it also features a unique integration with Prospect CRM to track your client info and activities. 

Not sure which app you should use? We compiled a list of comparable features to help you determine which search app works for you, organized by MLS system.

These CRMLS core products aim to make your real estate business smoother, more efficient, and more mobile. Remember, if you ever need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our award-winning Customer Care Department or read up on our various product solutions in our knowledgebase.


Broker Compliance Helpline

You can contact the Broker Compliance Helpline in three simple steps:

  1. Make sure your MLS ID is ready (note that only active Brokers, Office Managers, and Personal/Office Assistants connected to a Broker or Office Manager can use the Helpline). To learn if your ID has the correct MLS user class, please email
  2. Call 909-859-2043.
  3. Press 3 to speak directly to a Compliance Analyst for assistance. 

You can reach us Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM PT. Please do NOT share this phone number with agents. 

If you have questions regarding your user class or Personal Assistant/Office Assistant accounts, please email us at

2024 Compliance Top Violations Overview Quarterly General Sessions are Here!

Mark your calendar! The Compliance Quarterly General Sessions featuring the Top Violations Overview will be held Tuesday, April 23 and Wednesday, April 24! This is an excellent resource for newer agents and a great refresher for seasoned agents and brokers alike. Join us as we discuss the most common violations and provide tips on how to avoid making them (thereby avoiding the fines). 

Other topics will include CRMLS Rules & Policies, the CRMLS Citation Policy, Registered Process, Clear Cooperation Policy, Coming Soon Status, and CRMLS Member Resources. Please spread the word and share the registration links below!

Question of the Month

True or False: Hold status and Withdrawn status are the same thing.

Answer: False

Sometimes you need to change the status on a listing during the listing period, and it is important to select the status that most accurately reflects the reason for the change.

Use Hold status when a valid listing contract exists, no offer has been accepted, and your client needs to pause activity on their listing. Hold is generally a short-term pause for circumstances like vacations, repairs, time to review offers, etc. 

The listing can stay on Hold for up to 30 days, after which it can be extended. You’ll need to have a seller’s written instruction to move the listing to Hold. You may still advertise the listing, but no showings are permitted per Rule 9.3. Days on Market will not accrue while on Hold.

Use Withdrawn status when a valid listing contract is in effect but the property is no longer being marketed. Withdrawn is generally for when there are serious concerns, obstacles, or delays affecting the listing. In effect, the property is being taken off the market without canceling the listing agreement. No marketing, advertising, or showing is permitted for a Withdrawn listing. Days on Market will not accumulate. If the listing is placed back into active status, the DOM will resume from when the listing was placed in Withdrawn status.

Additional resources are available here: 

Share the New CRMLS Compliance Quiz with Your Office

We recently launched a newly revised CRMLS Compliance Quiz! The quiz is short, optional, and anonymous. It will help educate agents about common rule violations, which saves you time, money, and stress. We encourage you to share it with your office. The Compliance Quiz is a great opportunity to learn common rules and pitfalls here –  rather than through a violation notice.

CRMLS Offers Webinars Fulfilling the Professional Standards Committee’s Disciplinary Requirements

The CRMLS Compliance Department is pleased to announce that since February 2024, we will offer a monthly Top Violations Overview webinar for agents or brokers who fulfill disciplinary requirements assigned by their Professional Standards Committee.

Now, instead of waiting for the next quarter’s Top Violations Overview Quarterly General Session, your agents can access the Top Violations Overview webinar as frequently as once a month. 

Please note that these sessions are solely for the purpose of fulfilling disciplinary requirements of the Pro Standards Committees. CRMLS cannot offer one-on-one presentations for these purposes.

Contact your local AOR for a list of dates and registration links.

Enhancements & Products


Member Experience Highlight: Search Listings Using Keywords

CRMLS Flexmls can search the Public and Private remarks of listings for any keywords you enter. 

Follow our quick reference guide to show you how to use a keyword search to find relevant listings.


Member Experience Highlight: Search Listings Using Keywords

Generate a keyword search by typing your keywords in the Public or Private Remarks field flanked by asterisk symbols (*example*). Use commas to divide multiple keywords.

Follow our quick reference guide to show you how to search listings using keywords.


Member Experience Highlight: Search Listings Using Keywords

Generate a keyword search by typing your keywords in the Public or Private Remarks field. Use commas to divide multiple keywords.

Follow our quick reference guide to show you how to search listings using keywords.

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