CRMLS Coastal Mendocino AOR Broker Report: June Edition

Volume 2022 Edition 6

Welcome to the CRMLS Broker Report. CRMLS is broker-driven. We work to keep our brokers as informed and up-to-speed as possible. This information is available for you to share with your agents and office staff.

CEO Art Carter presents CRMLS updates to brokers & managers

Join CRMLS CEO Art Carter for a presentation on new topics in the residential real estate industry, with insights on how to adapt and succeed.
We welcome all CRMLS brokers and office managers to attend this unique webinar at no additional cost.
Topics include:
• Perchwell (the flagship MLS platform that CRMLS will release to users in Q1 2023)
• Broker intelligence services
• Recent industry-level legal events
Note: this event is for brokers & managers only. Please do not share.

Register Note: This event is for Brokers & Managers only. Please do not share.

Wednesday, 7/6 @ 2 PM

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CRMLS to launch Perchwell by Q1 2023

CRMLS has partnered with Perchwell, the company behind the premier data and workflow technology platform in residential real estate, and completed an agreement to bring Perchwell’s flagship MLS platform (which includes both a front-end and back-end system) to CRMLS users, targeting a launch by the first quarter of 2023. The Perchwell platform simplifies day-to-day MLS workflows for real estate professionals. Perchwell also supports interoperability and integration among other industry technology products through its API. In contrast to the industry’s legacy offerings, Perchwell is an end-to-end workflow solution with web and mobile apps powering agents’ core workflows, including listing syndication, searching, analyzing the market, and collaborating with clients. 

Among Perchwell’s standout features is the user’s experience from the moment they sign in. Perchwell presents users with listing results on the first screen, helping them filter their searches without needing to arrange their search criteria to fit fields first. Click here to read the full press release. 

Perchwell Q1 2023 1

Share the CRMLS Compliance Quiz with your office

CRMLS Compliance Quiz 1

We recently launched a new CRMLS Compliance Quiz:

image 3

The quiz is short, optional, and anonymous. It will be helpful in educating agents about common rules violations, saving you time, money, and stress. We encourage you to share it with your office. We want them to learn common rules and pitfalls here, not through a violation notice.

Important Broker Resources

Brokers and managers can jump ahead of the wait time for MLS assistance by calling our Broker Support Line at 909-859-2043.

Please note, you must identify yourself by your broker or broker/office assistant MLS ID, as not all user classes have access to this service. For a list of MLS user classes that can access the Broker Helpline, see the last column of our User Classes document.

Compliance Corner

Citation Policy Review
Here are a few quick reference guides for you to review and familiarize yourself with: 

Enhancement & Product Corner 

We’ve rolled out new page designs for some of the most popular pages in Flexmls in mid-June. The new designs only change the appearance of these pages, not anything functional. You do not need to change anything on your end. Click here to view all the updates. 

Member Experience Tip of the Month: The Hot Sheet helps you keep an eye on your area 

Use the Hot Sheet in Flexmls to keep up with daily market changes in your area(s).  

To set up: click on the Hot Sheet gadget > click on the three-dot menu () > click Settings > enter criteria > click Save.

This will help you keep an eye on the daily market changes in your area(s). 

Flex Hot Sheets

Here is a quick video tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to manage Flexmls gadgets like this one.

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