CRMLS and Your AOR: #InARelationship

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Your local Association (AOR) or Board of REALTORS® (BOR) works to represent you, the REALTOR® professional. You probably already know that your AOR represents REALTORS® at the local, state, and national level. Did you know they do the same with your MLS?

AOR CRMLS Association Resource Collaboration

CRMLS and your Association strive to make the REALTOR® experience the very best it can be. With a wide array of products and services to choose from, plus hands-on professional training and top-tier customer support, we’ve got you covered. Here’s an introduction to how CRMLS and your AOR work together.

AOR CRMLS Association Resource - Board

The CRMLS + AOR Relationship: The AOR Side

Each participating Association in CRMLS can select a representative for three of our four committees: Operations, Budget and Finance, and Rules. Each association also has automatic representation for each Association Executive on the Association Executives committee.

  • The Operations Committee examines member-suggested improvements to our systems and makes suggestions to the Board on ways to make our offerings the best in the nation.
  • The Budget and Finance Committee oversees the budgeting of the organization and advises the Board on financial planning.
  • The Rules Committee ensures that the rules stay updated, and conform to how our agents do business.
  • The Association Executives Committee provides feedback on specific Association and administrative needs to enable them to best serve their membership through their MLS offerings.

In addition, participating Associations have the opportunity to elect representatives to the CRMLS Board of Directors table. Ideas for changes within CRMLS, from rules changes to field additions within our systems, come from CRMLS users. AOR staff pass these up to AOR leaders, and then these Committees. Those committees’ suggestions are then submitted to the Board for final review. The voice of change at CRMLS starts with you!

AOR CRMLS Association Resource Instruction

The CRMLS + AOR Relationship: The CRMLS Side

Every participating AOR in CRMLS has an Association Executive, or AE, with whom the CRMLS Association Resource Department works closely. That’s right – CRMLS has an entire department dedicated to working with participating Associations. Our goal is to give these executives the tools they need to help them best assist their members. We keep them abreast of current industry initiatives, MLS updates, and more. The Association Resource team is available to field calls and questions at any time during business hours.

The Association Resource team does more than wait by the phone. Our team members attend new member orientations, speak at events, and help with training. It’s not just about availability – it’s about being proactive and reaching out to the Associations to find out what they need.

CRMLS also generates dedicated resources for AEs to have at their disposal in the event they need a quick answer. Every AE’s time is valuable, and we appreciate all they do to keep communication flowing between CRMLS and AOR members.

AOR CRMLS Association Resource Teamwork

The CRMLS + AOR Relationship: The Benefits

CRMLS and your AOR maintain open lines of communication for a reason. Our relationship ensures that you have a voice, that you’re up-to-date on important MLS changes, and that you continue to get the best possible service from your MLS.

This communication flows both ways:

AOR -> MLS: CRMLS Committee members gather feedback from their AOR members and share their important concerns with CRMLS and the Board of Directors. Here, we hear your voice.

MLS -> AOR: The CRMLS Association Resource Department communicates with Association staff about new MLS offerings, technology and rule updates, and anything else their membership needs to know.

Both ways: CRMLS and Association leaders are in constant dialogue about what’s working best and what we can improve upon. We do this to provide member agents and brokers top-of-the-line service and support.

As the saying goes, communication is key to a strong relationship. That’s why CRMLS and your Association make a point of keeping in contact as much as possible. Drop us a line sometime!

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