The CAT or the YARD SIGN? What’s the Violation?

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Following the MLS Rules and Regulations is the best way for you to protect the integrity of MLS listing data – and to avoid violation fees.

In an attempt to help CRMLS Association members be more aware, we’ve started posting Rules and Regs “quizzes” on Facebook.

Our first question was posted yesterday and reads as follows:

“Let’s test your knowledge of the CRMLS Rules and Regs! If you were to use the image below in your listing, you would be in violation. Can you tell us why?”

THE RESULTS ARE IN! The majority of answers were split almost exactly down the middle. Half responded and said the CAT was the violation and the other half thought the YARD SIGN was.


The correct answer? It is the CAT. You see, the CRMLS Rules and Regs Reference Guide states:

“Images must not contain people, animals or other items not directly related to the listing.”

The reference guide also states:

“Images must not contain for sale or for lease signs, billboards, open house signs, promotion signs, or any other advertising material with identifiable information.”

So the fact that the yard sign showed NO IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION cleared it from being a violation.

We also received a number of quippy responses from subscribers:

“It’s a violation because it’s not my listing.”

“The war zone looking lawn and the cat’s attitude are offensive”

“The cat didn’t sign a release!”

Knowledge is power. Our full Rules and Regulations packet is available on our website. In your spare time (like you ever have any, right?) get familiar with them to avoid possible listing violations.

Happy Listing!

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  1. Daniel Mitchell

    This is good stuff. questions about all the rules we all should know but forget.

  2. r harding

    The photographer, on the street with camera is guilty. Sorry I was late with the answer, it took me a while to cross the street; chickens and all.

  3. Lisa

    I’m sorry but of all the violations I see on a regular basis, this is just ridiculous. Let’s focus more on ethics.

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