You are currently viewing Infosparks: Now Available to CRMLS Subscribers

Infosparks: Now Available to CRMLS Subscribers

Infosparks has arrived!

Just like your personal real estate business, Infosparks is unique. It is a robust statistics program designed to help brokers and agents bring real market analysis to consumers with clear, concise visual representations. It creates graphs using up to 4 simultaneous geographical locations, housing variables, time frames, and market metrics. . . in just seconds!

And did we mention the crazy amount of possible data-reporting combinations available within Infosparks? MILLIONS…literally.

Get familiar, get on board, and start using this amazingly intuitive product today.

We’re hosting a number of free webinars (yes, free…in fact, all of our webinars are free) to get you acquainted with Infosparks.

Ready to access Infosparks now? Log in to CRMLS Matrix and click on the Infosparks link under the “External Links” widget.

Happy graphing!




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  1. CRMLS

    We are go glad to hear! Thank you for taking the time to let us know!

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