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Summer is a time for movement, when the warm weather gives everyone a little bit of get-up-and-go. Whether it’s a long walk in the sunshine or a summer vacation to somewhere far flung, everybody seems to be bouncing around and moving about. And, of course, this includes looking for new places to live.

While the ups and downs of buying and selling happen all year long, it’s the summer months that see big moves for that often-neglected subsection of housing: rentals. Around this time of year, rental season heats up with the thermometer. With around half of all Californians living in rentals, May through September can be a wonderfully busy time for a well-prepared agent. Even though we at CRMLS offer a lot of support for those in the business of buying and selling, we do still offer help for those already working in the rental business and those interested in starting. Here are some useful tools to get your rental business thriving.

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Your one-stop-shop for getting through the rental process, RentSpree offers a host of tools to get you from list to lease in no time flat.

If you’re new to rentals, RentSpree is a helpful guiding hand for every step of the way. Begin your rental business with its helpful rent estimates based on market evaluation, ensuring you’re setting the right price for your property. Effective marketing tools ensure your listing gets wide exposure and will net you worthwhile applicants. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to get into rentals but unfamiliar with the particularities of leasing.

But RentSpree’s utility expands beyond simply listing. Let it handle the bulk of the rental process, from sending out screening requests to collecting payments. It’s all found in RentSpree’s online portal that can save you a whole lot of time, especially considering how many applications can pour in from all over for a new rental. You won’t miss a beat no matter your rental experience.

You can find more info about RentSpree’s many uses in our Knowledgebase.

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Renters often are in very different circumstances from buyers. Instead of a buyer’s longer deliberation and poring over finance options, renters tend to be on much more of a time crunch, occasionally in need of moving to a new place with less than a week’s advance notice. This is where you can be their superhero by offering LiveEasy, the personal concierge that’ll help your clients with moving and home setup.

LiveEasy works with a team of vendors and businesses to ensure as easy of a home management experience as possible, including the moving process. Your clients will get their things packed and shipped with no stress. What’s more, LiveEasy can coordinate utility setup, cleaning, and more to ensure a living space is ready from the get-go. After all, setting up a rental business is one thing, but ensuring the comfort of a client will help your business, and your reputation, grow in all the right ways.

Check out some helpful tips to get started with LiveEasy in our Knowledgebase.

Hopefully RentSpree and LiveEasy can be good jumping-off points for anyone interested in rentals, or, if you already are in the rental business, useful tools to help ease your workload. We know that the MLS isn’t usually focused on rentals, but CRMLS works towards offering all our users, in whatever professional capacity they operate, the best tools for the job to ensure their success.

But hey, even with all your new rental ventures, don’t forget to get a little summer vacation time in while you can. Burnout can be a real problem, especially after a stressful year. Luckily, this is California and we’re chock full of vacation options, so whether it’s the beach or wine country or Disneyland, hopefully you can get some rest and relaxation between your rentals and revenue.


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