Trending Topics for Compliance: February 2021

Curious to know what our Compliance Department is hearing? Read our top trending items for the month.

1. CRMLS implemented transparency rule change on 2/15

Selling office compensation amounts may appear on all agent and broker websites 

As of Monday, February 15th, CRMLS will give users the option to display selling office compensation amounts on all agent and broker websites. 

This is in response to a settlement between the National Association of REALTORS(R) (NAR) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). Rules changes resulting from the settlement are still forthcoming. 

Please visit NAR’s official FAQ to learn more and watch a video explaining the agreement. Visit to keep up to date on how CRMLS will implement this and other rule changes. 

2. Updates to CRMLS Rules & Policy

Changes to citation review process and more 

Effective January 2, 2021, the CRMLS Rules and Regulations and CRMLS Citation Policy have been updated and published on the Compliance page of the CRMLS website.Please familiarize yourself with the new rules as soon as possible.

We encourage you to read a two-page summary of the rule changes, located here:

A brief summary of three of the most impactful changes follows.

  • The citation review procedure is being revised to the extent that an administrative/written review will become the default process.
  • For any MLS Rule violation that would result in a fourth citation in any calendar year, the Subscriber and the Participant’s Office Manager or Designated Broker shall appear before a Professional Standards hearing panel. (Read the document located at the link above for a full explanation.)
  • The Service must, upon request, promptly provide a Participant (or the Participant’s designee) a data feed containing, at minimum, all active MLS listing content input into the MLS by or on behalf of the Participant and all of the Participant’s off-market listing content available in the MLS system.

Additional resources are available here:

3. Compliance training is available for your office

Submit your request for compliance training at your office. Make sure to select “Compliance” as your topic and our team will get in touch with you to schedule!

Clear Cooperation Policy Resources to Remember 

All Platforms 




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