CRMLS Broker Report: February 2019

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VIDEO: Using Professional Photographs in the MLS

Using copyrighted photos without proper licensing exposes you to significant legal liability. Ed Zorn, CRMLS Vice President and General Counsel describes how to stay within your legal rights in this video. Subjects include:

  • The basics of copyright law: ownership, assignment, license
  • The “bundle of rights” that may be transferred individually or wholly
  • CRMLS Rule 11.5: See here –
  • How the federal minimum for unlicensed photo usage can affect you
  • Solution 1: Use the C.A.R. Property Images Agreement (PIA) form or a form provided by your broker

Solution 2: Visit the CRMLS Photographer List:

VIDEO: When Farming Expired Listings Goes Too Far and CRMLS 12.11

The so-called “farming” of expired listings is more than an MLS rule violation. It’s a violation of REALTOR® ethics and the trust consumers have in real estate professionals. Ed Zorn, CRMLS Vice President and General Counsel, details the reasons you should never farm expired listings. Subjects include:

  • CRMLS Rule 12.11: See here –
  • The consequences of aggressive farming of expired listings
  • Recommendations on reporting violators to your local Association or Board
  • Best practices for marketing outreach without farming expired listings

Why are so many CRMLS users adopting LionDesk?

In just a few short weeks, LionDesk has taken CRMLS by storm. See why agents and brokers are adopting their newest member benefit.

  • Collect, route, and follow up on leads
  • Automate follow-up reminders
  • Communicate with contacts, including email, text, and video

LionDesk is a hub that easily integrates with popular real estate technology tools, including CRMLS core products like Cloud CMA and Remine.

Click here to learn more about LionDesk, and click here for a detailed comparison of what you receive at no additional cost vs. other paid plans available.

Ready to get started? Click on the LionDesk icon on your dashboard or log into CRMLS Matrix or Paragon and click on LionDesk on the Links tab to activate your account.

January 2019 Market Trend Recap

View the CRMLS Real Estate Market Trend Recap for January 2019. Stay current with the market trends of select counties in California.

MLS Data Shares Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that data from bridgeMLS, CDAR (California Desert MLS) and HDMLS (High Desert MLS) is now live in CRMLS Matrix and San Diego Paragon.

Broker Resources

Take advantage of broker-specific online resources designed to help you further your MLS experience.

If you are a San Diego user, we encourage you to read our article: The Truth About San Diego and CRMLS. (The article originally appeared in the CRMLS Broker Report: February Edition for NSDCAR and PSAR CRMLS users.)

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