CRMLS Broker Report: October 2020


October 2020 CEO Update

Thank you for viewing our October 2020 Broker Report. This information is available for you to share with your agents and office staff. Resources for you and your agents on any modifications to how you do business are available on our webpage: CRMLS COVID-19 Resources. Please make sure to look out for emails from CRMLS and your local association as they become available.

Compliance Corner 

Trending Topics for Compliance: October 2020

Education Corner

Enhancement & Product Corner



Here is a guide to issues we have recently resolved:

  • RESOLVED – PEAD link has been added
  • RESOLVED – CMA 1 Line report has been reformatted for better readability
  • RESOLVED – Listings with missing Selling Agent information have been filled
  • RESOLVED – Lot Size SqFt has been added back in to all listingsSqFt on Listing Display within the Flex MLS Pro app has been restored
  • View additional IN PROGRESS items here.

Reminder: Is your MLS-Connect not importing a listing? Here’s a quick tip. Simply put quotation marks around your ML#.


  • Matrix Broker Manual – View a helpful resource for common broker questions about our MLS platforms.


Here is a guide to issues we have recently resolved:

Flexmls: Easier access to videos & virtual tours

Bringing video & virtual tour content to the forefront in Flexmls

A new enhancement to Flexmls is live!

With this change, videos and virtual tours are displayed inline with photos in a single media gallery. Any videos and virtual tours will be displayed directly after the primary photo in the filmstrip view at the bottom of the page. 

Videos will be displayed with a preview image and a “play” icon. Virtual tours will be displayed with a preview image and a “360-degree view” icon. 

For more information, click here to read our CRMLS Knowledgebase guide to the new enhancement. 

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