Trending Topics for Compliance: January 2022

Curious to know what our Compliance Department is hearing? Read our top trending items for the month.

1. Citation Policy Review

As we enter a new year, let this be a friendly reminder to review and familiarize yourself once again with the CRMLS Citation Policy.  The As we enter a new year, here’s a friendly reminder to review and familiarize yourself once again with the CRMLS Citation Policy. The Citation Policy keeps the MLS data accurate and up to date while ensuring a level playing field for all CRMLS users. The Citation Policy provides rule numbers to identify each violation, summarizes the nature of each violation, notes which rules are or are not eligible for warnings, and provides the fine amount associated with each violation. The Citation Policy also outlines the Citation Review process. You can access the Citation Policy  by clicking here

2.  Avoiding Broker Citations

Maintaining accurate information and cooperating with CRMLS Compliance is the responsibility of both the Listing Agent and the Office Manager/Listing Broker. The Compliance department copies Office Managers (if appointed) or the Broker of Record, plus the Association, on all notices it sends to Listing Agents. If the Listing Agent fails to correct a violation, the Office Manager or Broker of Record is subject to a citation and fine for failing to supervise under rule 14.4. To avoid a citation, Office Managers and Brokers of Record should follow up directly with Listing Agents regarding communications from CRMLS Compliance. This includes warnings or citations that the Listing Agent may receive, as well as any violations that they have not yet corrected.

3. Year in Review and Top Violations for 2021

The Compliance Department has many duties. We are responsible for investigating and processing reports, billing, invoicing, rules education, administering hearings and reviews, and conducting chat and other customer service interactions with users. 

In 2021, CRMLS Compliance:

  • Received 44,946 reports
  • Processed 63,713 cases
  • Issued 4,865 citations
  • Provided 110 unique training and education sessions
  • Administered 405 citation reviews (written and full hearing)
  • Conducted 12,990 chats

4. The Top Violations in 2021 were:

14.4Failure to Correct865 Citations17.8% of the total
8.3Auto Sold853 Citations17.5% of the total
12.5Public Remarks814 Citations16.7 % of the total
11.5 (e)Branded Media726 Citations15.0% of the total
11.5.1Mandatory Photo359 Citations7.4 % of the total
8.2Failure to Provide Documents314 Citations6.4% of the total
10.2Failure to Update Status291 Citations6.0% of the total

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