Trending Topics for Compliance: October 2021

Curious to know what our Compliance Department is hearing? Read our top trending items for the month.

1. Office Compliance Email Field

CRMLS Matrix Brokers can now set a default email address for their offices to receive CRMLS Compliance-related emails.

What does this mean?

  • Any Compliance emails that would ordinarily go to a broker, office manager, and/or office assistant (e.g. agent citations, etc.) can now go to a single email address of the broker’s choice, called the Office Compliance Email.
  • The Office Compliance Email is a single email address that CRMLS Compliance will use to send broker-level compliance emails for an office. Agents will still receive notices separately at their roster email addresses.
  • If brokers do not update this field, CRMLS will send Compliance emails to the brokerage’s Office Manager email (if an Office Manager is linked to the office). If no Office Manager is linked to the office, the Designated Broker (DB) will receive the Compliance Emails.

What do brokers have to do?

  • We strongly recommend brokers login to verify that the email in their “Office Compliance Email” field is the one they want as the “dedicated” compliance email address. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Click on “Change Contact Information” under Modify Office in the Add/Edit tab.

2. Enter the email address that you wish to use in the Office Compliance Email field.

3. Click “Submit Office

Remember, brokers are still responsible for keeping up-to-date on communications from the CRMLS Compliance department.

For your convenience, these steps are also available as a how-to guide.

2. Common Violations That Do Not Require a Warning

CRMLS Compliance works to warn users who violate certain rules and provide them an opportunity to correct the violation instead of incurring a fine. However, breaking certain rules can lead to an immediate fine without warning.

Some rule violations are impossible to correct, especially ones that require agents or brokers to act within a specified amount of time. Other rule violations give a violator an unfair marketing advantage over those who follow the rules, meaning that if it issued a warning, CRMLS Compliance would perpetuate that unfair advantage. These are all serious breaches of the CRMLS Rules and Regulations, and in some cases, state or federal law.

View our Knowledgebase article to familiarize yourself with violations that do not require warnings to ensure your agents remain in compliance. 

3. Compliance training is available for your office 

Compliance now has an online Training Request Form, available here! Submit your request for compliance training at your office or via webinar and our team will get in touch with you to schedule!

Please note: CRMLS Compliance will coordinate all scheduled events with the contact and email on the submission form. Please be sure to review and respond to all incoming emails regarding your request.

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