Cloud Ecosystem, Part 3: Cloud MLX

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EcoSystem - Cloud MLX
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Cloud MLX

Now available for exclusive discounted purchase through the CRMLS Marketplace, Cloud MLX provides an agent-centric, streamlined front end to access the MLS data you need. The interface prioritizes core features and functions, delivering a fluid and time-efficient MLS experience. Here are W&R Studios’ 2 main talking points on MLX:

Smart Search Bar

When you visit Cloud MLX, the first thing you’ll notice is that there is really just one place to click! The Smart Search bar was designed in the likeness of Google, with the idea that keeping your hands on the keyboard and off the mouse makes for more efficient browsing.

Click on image to link to video demonstration.

So how does it work?

Just start typing into the Smart Search bar… and it will start to offer auto-fill suggestions for you, just like Google!

Smart Search is equipped to auto-fill and search by…

  1. Location
  2. # Beds/Baths
  3. Price Range
  4. Listing Status
  5. YOUR Saved Searches
  6. YOUR Saved Map Areas

That’s right, Cloud MLX is so personalized that the search bar will auto-fill your unique saved searches and map areas by name. Plus, the more you use it, the better it gets at predicting what you’ll search for!

Don’t worry, there is still an “Advanced Search” option for those ultra-specific fields, but you can search MLS listings by virtually all common fields without ever touching your mouse, straight from the Smart Search bar.

Horizontal Integration – (Building the “Ecosystem”)

The second BIG selling point for Cloud MLX is its unrivaled integration with popular CRMLS subscriber benefits Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams.

Directly in Cloud MLX search results, users can check off listings, and with one click choose either “Make Cloud CMA” or “Make Cloud Stream” to automatically harness the power of those products: generating reports or listing alerts without ever leaving the Cloud MLX interface.

Check out these videos for demonstrations!

Need to communicate with clients or other agents about a property?

Not to worry. Cloud MLX has a built-in personal messenger through which you can share properties, or simply chat in real time, without ever leaving the program.

Here is where the suite of Cloud products begins to shine. Both Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams have a proven track record and a solid user base among CRMLS subscribers. By now providing quick, simple access point to MLS listings with modern web-based design and functionality, AND embedding these established tools within, W&R Studios has created an MLS-based environment that there really aren’t many reasons to leave. THAT is efficiency.

Watch for next week’s post, introducing a brand new Cloud product designed just to help you capture and manage leads! What could be better than that?


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