Cloud Ecosystem, Part 4: Cloud Attract

EcoSystem Cloud Attract@2x

EcoSystem - Cloud Attract@2x

Over the past few weeks, our posts have covered W+R Studios’ staple products, Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams (both free benefits for CRMLS subscribers), and Cloud MLX, the agent-centric front end MLS solution available in the CRMLS Marketplace for discounted purchase.

The products are not only some of the fastest, most modern technologies available for real estate professionals, but they thrive in cooperation with each other, all drawing on the power of your MLS data from CRMLS. Now, for the cherry on top: a Cloud product designed specifically to help you pull leads into your orbit so you can put the whole Ecosystem to work:

Coming soon to CRMLS Marketplace…

Cloud Attract

The newest addition to the Cloud Ecosystem, Cloud Attract, is a tool JUST for capturing and managing leads through Custom Landing Pages.

The product features professionally-designed page templates and an easy 3 STEP process to create a website:

Step 1: Choose a Design
  • Choose a design.
  • Choose what information you want to collect from the buyer/seller.
  • Choose what to deliver to the buyer/seller…
    1. Sellers can receive:
      1. Cloud CMA
      2. Home Value Estimate
    2. Buyers can receive
      1. Cloud Stream
      2. Listing Alerts
THAT’S IT. Your custom landing page is born.

You can use customized landing pages to target specific markets and generate leads from all corners of the web. Every time a new lead submits through one of your landing pages, you will automatically receive an email with their information, along with copies of whatever reports or property streams and alerts were creating for them.

The Lead Dashboard makes it easy to track your leads and access pertinent information about the history of your interactions at a moment’s notice. Cloud Attract also keeps your leads and all your landing pages in conveniently sortable lists so you never even have to think about their organization.

One click sharing!

And as a final touch, your pages can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest directly from Cloud Attract, with the click of just one button. You can even specify what Facebook page, timeline, or group of friends you want to share with.

Look, we know there are other online services available to create Lead Generating Landing Pages, but what makes Cloud Attract so special is undoubtedly its connection to the whole suite of Cloud products. If you are already a Cloud CMA or Cloud Streams user, harnessing the power of those products through Cloud Attract and Cloud MLX probably seems like a no-brainer.

You know what else doesn’t hurt? The CRMLS Marketplace discount:


This offer is coming soon for CRMLS subscribers! But you can get started with Cloud Attract today!

CLICK HERE to sign up for a 30-day FREE TRIAL.



After hearing the pitches from W&R Studios at the Cloud Summit, CRMLS is prouder than ever to offer Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams to our subscribers at no additional cost. And with the introduction of their newer technologies, we can confidently say that the entire Cloud Ecosystem is a whole greater than the sum of its parts. And the parts are pretty good…

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  1. Jennifer Fernando

    Something similar we are trying to do at LeadLake by helping businesses find new opportunities.

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