10 Things Agents Need to Know About the RentSpree Rental Application Platform

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Dealing with rental applications is often a source of undue stress for real estate professionals. Once a potential applicant passes a screening and is ready to apply, landlords and agents have historically had to hand out paper applications, wait for applicants to complete them, and embroil themselves in a time-consuming back-and-forth of chasing down information, scanning documents, and handling sensitive personal data before it makes its way to the handful of agencies that need to see it.

For busy agents, the time expenditure alone can make working with renters a chore not worth the commission check. If only there were a way to make sure rental applications are complete, accurate, and trustworthy…

There is. And it’s called RentSpree.

What is RentSpree?

RentSpree, a CRMLS Marketplace product, is a centralized platform for gathering rental applications. Input email addresses or send a customized link to applicants. Wait a few minutes for them to input their information. Then receive a comprehensive report including credit report and score, eviction history, and a criminal background check: no paperwork, no scanning or faxing, no worries about handling personal information and exposing yourself to liability.

Best of all, RentSpree is FREE for agents – applicants simply pay a $30 fee.

Here are the 10 things every CRMLS agent should know about RentSpree:

How do agents benefit from RentSpree?

  1. Save agent time: With RentSpree, agents no longer have to print, scan, copy, or fax rental applications – nor do they have to review applications for every little detail or track down applicants who accidentally skipped a line in their application.
  2. Get the whole picture: Since the application platform is digital instead of pen-and-paper, the applicant’s information is sure to be complete the first time. RentSpree also helps prevent fraud: applicants must verify their identity via their SSN, and unlike easily falsifiable paper reports, the information agents and landlords get is transmitted directly from secured sources.
  3. Limit liability: Agents and landlords never see the applicant’s SSN, avoiding potential conflicts and accidental mishandling of information.

How do agents’ clients benefit from RentSpree?

  1. Save client time: Potential renters only need to fill out one application, which is good for 30 days. No more stacks of paperwork, entering the same information in over and over – just complete the RentSpree application, and your client is good to go.
  2. Save money: With only one application comes only one application fee. At just $30, the fee is well under the California limit for rental applications.
  3. Avoid a “hard” credit check: The credit report and score, provided by TransUnion, is a “soft” check and will not negatively impact the renter’s credit.

What else should agents know?

  1. About half of all applicants on RentSpree complete their applications on mobile devices. The website is fully mobile-responsive for renters and agents – any modern device can be used to initiate screenings, submit applications, and view completed applications. Stay tuned to the RentSpree blog for news about upcoming mobile-friendly developments for agents.
  2. Many listing agents use RentSpree’s “generate link” feature to post an application link in the MLS under “Private Remarks.” Communicate to renter agents your preferred way to gather applications for the property right from the get-go.
  3. Looking for new features? RentSpree recently added the capability to generate custom flyers with an application link and QR code. Hand out flyers to potential applicants, who can scan the code or visit the link to apply.
  4. RentSpree gives agents peace of mind by maintaining compliance with California rental application law. Renters receive an itemized receipt, and, since renters receive reports regardless of whether their application is accepted, there’s no need to issue refunds to applicants who you don’t run credit on. In other words: no more drawing up receipts and tracking down cash and applicants for refunds.

Make rental applications painless with RentSpree – FREE for all CRMLS users. Start collecting applications today at RentSpree.com.

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  1. My fiance Dawn Mccrumn applied for a rental property and was denied the rental due to the information your company provided the Landlord. She did have some minor traffic offences but not
    the way your company represented her as a CRIMINAL.. We are requesting your company a
    letter of apology and explanation for the Defamation of character.
    Her name is Dawn Mccrumn and her address is 3621 San Mateo Circle Corona Ca 92882
    Her phone number is 949 444-6362.

    1. Cp

      Yeah this happened to us too. Spooked the realtor even though we had a PERFECT credit score. Seriously. Because realtors and homeowners are too LAZY or dumb to read the details, they just see “CRIMINAL CONVICTION” and ghost you. How are traffic incidents any business or concern of a landlord????? In some states ALL traffic citations -even nonmoving ones- are considered petty misdemeanors!!! Even when they are expunged legally, they can still show up – but crediting agencies should have NO RIGHT to report it!

  2. BO

    checking credit to just rent a place ???? RIDICULAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your not buying the property. Some people have been frauded and can’t even rent a place bc of a credit check BS

  3. S.F.

    How does RentSpree protect the applicant’s data? I was #1 for a house rental and received a link to the application, which I completed and submitted right away. I didn’t provide my bank account numbers, though, out of concern and paranoia. Ultimately, I became #2 and the house was rented to someone else. Now, RentSpree has enough information to cause problems, as well as names and contact methods for nearest relative, and reference people. And they know how much I have in the bank (without an account number). So, HOW DOES RENTSPREE PROTECT MY INFORMATION???
    Oh, is this comment mean my email address will be open to the public now, like the content in the “20 JUN 2018” comment, above?

  4. Cp

    Overly Aggressive Background Check for a rental application!!!!!!!
    Why does rentspree list records of petty misdemeanors on a CRIMINAL background check, when they are not crimes? Did you know that in some states any traffic violation – including non-moving ones – are considered petty misdemeanors? That means a simple speeding citation shows up as “CONVICTED” of a petty misdemeanor and can cost you being able to rent a home because realtors and homeowners are either not smart enough or too lazy to read the details of the “conviction.” This is diabolical. Please fix this. I can’t even convey how damaging this can become to someone’s life – all for doing 63 in a 55. It’s shameful. This level of reporting is too aggressive for a simple rental application. People have no common sense. Why would a single speeding ticket be a risk to a landlord? Absurd.

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