9 CRMLS Marketplace Products You Should Try in 2018

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CRMLS-Marketplace-Header Success as a real estate professional often depends on finding something that makes you stand out to your clients. It may be a unique skill, a special area of knowledge, or a personal approach. Whatever your X-factor is, your value proposition is yours and yours alone. That’s why we extend tiered product offerings to all CRMLS users: Solutions products like Cloud CMA that are available at no additional cost to all CRMLS users, and Marketplace products like RentSpree that come at either reduced or zero cost to those who choose to use them.

Whether you’re a newcomer seeking to carve out a niche or a seasoned pro keeping abreast of the latest real estate technologies, it’s always a good idea to check in on the products in CRMLS Marketplace to see how they can help you grow your business. What better time to pick out a new product than at the start of the new year? Here’s an overview of each Marketplace product currently available.


1. Boulevard

What it is: A portal with agent branding that you share with your clients.

Powered by behavioral analytics, Boulevard keeps you up-to-date on your clients’ activity with the aim of boosting your engagement. Boasting a glowing Inman review and two price points for occasional and frequent users, Boulevard is a handy way to keep your client relationships strong.

CRMLS offer: Free 14-day trial, 20% CRMLS discount afterwards.

How to get started: Visit boulevardapp.co to pick a plan or learn more, or download the app on the iOS App Store or Google Play.



2. CallAction

What it is: A virtual assistant software platform designed to capture inbound leads.

According to CallAction’s research, 48% of home buyers will buy a home with the first agent to respond. CallAction lets you instantly respond to your leads with the help of a sophisticated automated assistant. You don’t need to install any software or apps – your CallAction assistant is a phone number and an email address.

CRMLS offer: Free 14-day trial, 25% CRMLS discount on monthly plan, 32% discount on annual plan.

How to get started: Visit CallAction’s CRMLS user landing page to pick a plan or learn more.



3. Cloud Attract

What it is: A lead-generation tool to create landing pages that automatically respond with a home valuation, CMA, or listing alerts.

Cloud Attract allows you to create unlimited landing pages to draw the attention of buyers and sellers. Turn interest into action by auto-generating the information your visitors are looking for. Best of all, Cloud Attract integrates with the other Cloud Agent Suite products – CMA, MLX, and Streams – that are free to you through CRMLS.

CRMLS offer: Free 30-day trial, with a 33% discount for CRMLS users afterwards.

How to get started: Visit Cloud Attract’s CRMLS user landing page to sign up for a free trial or learn more.



4. ListReports

What it is: A free service that creates smart marketing materials and technology tools to promote your listings.

All you need to do is text or email ListReports any address in the U.S., and it will provide you with over two dozen unique assets – like flyers, property reports, and neighborhood infographics – to help you market the property at that address.

CRMLS offer: ListReports is free.

How to get started: Visit ListReports’ CRMLS user landing page to create your account or learn more.



5. offrs

What it is: A smart marketing software platform that uses predictive analytics to determine which properties in a region are most likely to sell.

In the offrs platform, users select a territory as their region of expertise and receive data that helps them direct their marketing efforts to specific properties. The platform also provides marketing tools to target market to homeowners via email, online ads, direct mail, social media, and call targeting. Offrs licenses each territory it identifies exclusively to one agent.

CRMLS offer: Use promo code CRMLS at checkout for a 20% discount.

How to get started: Visit offrs’ CRMLS user landing page to create your account or learn more.



6. RentSpree

What it is: An online rental application and tenant screening tool.

If you’re not already working with rental listings, you may want to start. Renters fill out their applications and pay their fees in the RentSpree online platform, rather than on paper. . Once a renter applies, you receive an email with a credit screening, background check, and eviction report – all without having to track down paperwork or process SSNs. Learn how it works in this CRMLS blog post.

CRMLS offer: RentSpree is free to agents and brokers.

How to get started: Visit RentSpree’s CRMLS user landing page to create an account, schedule a demo, or learn more.



7. Spacio

What it is: A paperless platform that allows you to capture leads at open houses.

Paperwork and data entry at open houses are a thing of the past. With Spacio, potential leads at open houses sign in digitally. Once you’ve captured those leads, Spacio helps you target your most likely customers through social profiling and lead scoring, integrate with other popular products like MailChimp, RealSatisfied, and BoomTown, and generate seller reports to keep your clients up-to-speed.

CRMLS offer: Free 30-day trial, 25% CRMLS discount afterwards.

How to get started: Visit Spacio’s CRMLS user landing page to start your free trial, or their website to learn more.



8. Strategic Agent

What it is: A website builder and IDX solution exclusively for real estate professionals.

Building a quality real estate website can be a challenge. DIY site builders may not have all the features you need, and professional developers can be prohibitively expensive. Strategic Agent gives you the best of both worlds: IDX compliance and powerful, real estate-specific features – without the huge price tag.

CRMLS offer: 25% CRMLS discount with codes CRMLSDEAL (monthly plan) and CRMLSDEALYEAR (annual plan).

How to get started: Visit the Strategic Agent website to pick a plan or learn more.



9. Trust Stamp

What it is: An identity verification tool for safe real estate practice.

Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your clients. Before meeting a potential client or bringing someone into a client’s home, verify their identity with this simple safety tool. All they need is a government-issued ID, selfie, and one social media account. Within two minutes, you can receive a photo of your prospective client, along with a color-coded trust level rating.

CRMLS offer: Trust Stamp is free to all NAR members.

How to get started: Visit the Trust Stamp website to create your account or learn more.

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    the link for boulevard doesn’t work on this blog

  2. Sue Cobb

    How does ListReport get around getting permission from the listing agent to distribute flyers or marketing material on a listing that is not yours?

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