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Just about every path to success shares one key factor. No, it isn’t luck, it isn’t skill, it isn’t even a really good-looking headshot. One of the most important things needed to succeed in real estate — or anything, really — is organization. When you keep your materials in order and easily accessible, you set yourself up to handle the big tasks and challenges. And real estate comes with a lot of pieces to keep together. While CRMLS can’t visit your office and collate every file for you, we can at least make your MLS experience tailored to you and your needs.

That’s why we launched the REcenterhub dashboard and ecosystem in 2023 and are excited about the continued improvements to arrive in 2024. With its interactive modules, modern design, and intuitive navigation, your preferred products are never more than a click or two away on the REcenterhub dashboard. The dashboard is set to become even more revolutionary with new technology that the real estate world hasn’t seen before.

In this article, we’ll give you a preview of these upcoming new features:

• Add/Edit Module
A first-of-its-kind listing management system

• Compliance Module
Pre-emptive alerts of potential violations for an entire team

• Advanced Analytics Module
Powerful insights of listing life cycles, including predictive market analytics

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Perhaps most significantly, the REcenterhub dashboard is set to become the one-stop-platform for your most common real estate needs. That means making listing management easier, and users can expect REcenterhub to integrate its own Add/Edit module in late 2024, which will take the place of the current processes in CRMLS Matrix, Paragon, and Flexmls. By replacing outmoded add/edit features, the dashboard can help guide you through best practices with listings, everything from optimizing photo quality to AI-assisted content generation. Marketing can be tied directly into the listing, which means more work done in less time. With the REcenterhub dashboard, all you need is truly in one place.

Before that module arrives, though, we’re already prepping the next round of REcenterhub innovations, and we’ll will start with one of the elements agents and brokers have most requested: a robust Compliance module. Compliance is no one’s favorite aspect of professional real estate, but it keeps MLS data honest, and we couldn’t work without it. Agents will be able to communicate with a Compliance representative directly through the dashboard, taking out the hassle of pulling records. When you’re logged into REcenterhub, your user profile and associated data is already handy, so it speeds along assistance. What’s more, there will be preemptive alerts if any input is likely to lead to a violation so you can avoid violations and fines. Brokers and managers will also be able to monitor Compliance issues for their team, helping to ensure no unseen violations nag at the office.

Later this year you can expect an advanced market analytics package. The MLS is data-rich, and we’ll be making the most of it, generating near-real-time analysis for powerful insights of listing life cycles. This won’t just be about historical analysis, either, as the dashboard will be able to provide predictive analytics, showcasing both the supply and the demand side of the market. That’s a hybrid perspective unseen up until now that will help you make the most informed decisions possible when it comes time to advise your clients.

“The REcenterhub dashboard was very well-received at launch, and it’s only getting better,” said our CEO, Art Carter. “It’s a chance to not only modernize the MLS, but also make revolutionary changes. The real estate industry of tomorrow will be more reliant upon sophisticated technologies, and REcenterhub is aiming to get ahead of the curve.”

Of course, this is just a sample of the innovations and advancements coming to REcenterhub. Every month sees new improvements and enhancements, so you can always expect the platform to be growing into something better. Technological advancement never sleeps, which is a big reason why the REcenterhub team operates on a 30-day bug fix and improvement cycle, rolling out updates on a steady basis. The MLS user experience is a vital component to keeping the wheels of real estate turning, and REcenterhub is here to streamline it. With all these new dashboard advancements, getting organized will have never felt so good, nor will it have ever been this easy.

To know more about how to make the most of your REcenterhub dashboard, check out our resource center.

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