April 2024 Broker Report

April Adapt to Thrive

MLS Stats

Check out the MLS Stats for March 2024. If you’re interested in stats for your office, reach out to brokers@crmls.org

CRMLS Launches “Adapt to Thrive” Campaign

CRMLS has created the Adapt to Thrive campaign to support brokers, agents and consumers in a new landscape of real estate following the NAR proposed settlement. In the coming months, you can expect to see communications geared to educate and all CRMLS users to not only adapt, but thrive in their business. Our commitment is to ensure we are transparent on all developments and maintain the cooperative spirit of our industry.

Webinar Recap: CRMLS Industry Lawsuit Update with Art Carter & Ed Zorn

For your convenience, we have included the resources shared during the Legal Update Webinar on April 3 below:


Broker Compliance Helpline

You can contact the Broker Compliance Helpline in three simple steps:

  1. Make sure your MLS ID is ready (note that only active Brokers, Office Managers, and Personal/Office Assistants connected to a Broker or Office Manager can use the Helpline). To learn if your ID has the correct MLS user class, please email brokers@crmls.org
  2. Call 909-859-2043.
  3. Press 3 to speak directly to a Compliance Analyst for assistance. 

You can reach us Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM PT. Please do NOT share this phone number with agents. 

If you have questions regarding your user class or Personal Assistant/Office Assistant accounts, please email us at brokers@crmls.org

Question of the Month

True or False: You can use a Google Street View photo for your required exterior photo.

Answer: False

You can only upload images to the MLS if you have written permission to use them. If you create an image yourself, you’re all clear. If someone else created an image, like a photographer, Google, Bing, Yahoo, or another website, you need to obtain written permission. Third-party websites generally do not provide you with sufficient rights to allow you to use their media on the MLS. Any listings containing third-party images without sufficient documentation violate CRMLS Rule 11.5 (b).

Additional resources are available here: 

Cancellation of Listings

“Why am I getting an error message when trying to cancel my listing?”

For a canceled listing to be accepted in the MLS, the cancellation date must be within seven days from the date when you make the change. If the cancellation date you are entering is more than seven days prior, the system will not accept the cancellation of the listing, and you will need to adjust the date accordingly. If you encounter any difficulties with the cancellation process, please contact our Compliance Department via live chat for assistance.

Test Your Knowledge With The Compliance Quiz For 2024!

The Compliance Quiz is a great way to test your knowledge of the CRMLS rules. Updated for 2024, this quiz has many new questions that will challenge all takers. Have some fun while sharpening your agents’ skills when you use it as a team-building exercise at your next office meeting. It is sure to create a little friendly competition!

REMINDER: CRMLS Offers Webinars Fulfilling the Professional Standards Committee’s Disciplinary Requirements

The CRMLS Compliance Department is pleased to announce that since February 2024, we offer a monthly Top Violations Overview webinar for agents or brokers who fulfill disciplinary requirements assigned by their Professional Standards Committee.

Now, instead of waiting for the next quarter’s Top Violations Overview Quarterly General Session, your agents can access the Top Violations Overview webinar as frequently as once a month. 

Please note that these sessions are solely for the purpose of fulfilling disciplinary requirements of the Pro Standards Committees. CRMLS cannot offer one-on-one presentations for these purposes.

Contact your local AOR for a list of dates and registration links.

Enhancements & Products

Your Rental Market is Looking For Technical Tools Like RentSpree

Listen to the latest episode of “It’s Closing Time” with CRMLS CEO Art Carter and RentSpree’s Michael Lucarelli.

In case you didn’t know, RentSpree’s suite of tools is the electronic tenant-screening product solution that includes a full credit report, background check, and rental history. As a CRMLS core product, you can offer RentSpree services to your rental clients – both tenants and property owners.

More than 6,500 RentSpree reports were generated just last quarter by CRMLS users, which illustrates how much the rental market is growing. Join the 20,000+ agents and brokers who have already claimed their no-cost RentSpree account to get started serving this expanding market today.




Paragon Connect Update on April 10

The latest CRMLS Paragon Connect update on April 10 included the option to start a new search while working within a Contact’s record and a clarified title for the expire alert on your Dashboard.

Start a New Search from a Contact
A new + (plus icon) has been added to the Contact Buyer Activity page, which you can use to start a new search.

Select a Contact and open the Buyer Activity page. Click the +, select the property type and add criteria. Saving the search automatically links it to that Contact and enables Collaboration Center Notifications (you can also disable notifications if you choose).

7 Day Expire Alert in Notification Section
The title of the expire alert section of your Dashboard now reads as 7 Day Expire Alert.

Paragon Connect 2

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