A Day in the Life of a CRMLS User: Ariel Carmona

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Welcome to the first in a series of profiles of CRMLS users! In this series, we introduce you to real estate professionals who use CRMLS products and services every day. We plan to show you a diverse set of perspectives: first adopters of new products, experienced Matrix users, fresh faces in the real estate industry, and more.

CRMLS Promotion & Events Director Terry Matt sat down with Ariel Carmona of Century 21 Jervis & Associates in Downey, California to get some insight into what his average business day looks like.

CRMLS user Ariel Carmona

Ariel’s Background

Ariel has worked with both buyers and sellers in California for over 24 years. He’s succeeded in the booms and survived the busts that define the housing market. With experience in residential listings (including first-time and repeat buyers) and investor-centric residential income properties, Ariel is a seasoned, hard-working industry veteran.

In Ariel’s words, “Matrix is our lifeline. We depend on it every day.”


Ariel’s Toolkit

His most commonly used tools and products include:

  • Matrix Quick Search: He makes the most of Matrix’s search options, but Quick Search is “a real timesaver.” Ariel usually starts with the Map tool and then adds specific search criteria to narrow down results.
  • CMAs: Ariel uses both Matrix CMA and Cloud CMA to give his clients quality market analysis.
  • REALTORS® Property Resource® (RPR): Ariel accesses the RPR link in Matrix to find additional information.
  • Realist Tax: Ariel calls it a “great tool” for gathering information on all his clients’ properties.
  • Matrix Auto Emails: He appreciates the ease with which he can edit a search attached to an Auto Email when his clients’ needs change. Auto Emails let his clients easily join him in looking up properties, which helps him get them out to the listings quickly. According to Ariel, he CC’s himself on Auto Emails so that he knows what to look for when clients give him a call about a listing they love.


Ariel’s Workflow

Two hours before an appointment with a client, Ariel says he goes through these steps:

  1. He creates a search in Matrix. Ariel usually uses the Quick Search function, but when necessary, uses the Detail Search instead.
  2. Performs a Map Search. Ariel enters a mileage radius for the area he wants to search, then fills out the city, address, and ZIP code.
  3. Adds criteria. Depending on what his clients are looking for, this may include list price, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.
  4. Views results. Too many listings? Too few? If necessary, Ariel will update the search criteria.
  5. Selects listings to show the client(s). Sometimes, the number of listings his search returns is just right. Other times, Ariel will have to use his professional intuition to select the listings that best fit the client’s needs.
  6. Clicks the ‘Directions’ button to sort listings in the best driving order. Matrix automatically determines the most direct path for a tour of listings, but it’s easy to adjust the order manually. Having driving directions all in one place, rather than entering new addresses into navigation every time you move from one listing to another, can be handy.
  7. Prints listings. Ariel likes to work from hard copies of listing information.
  8. Emails listings to clients. When clients have a chance to review the listings before the appointment, they have a better idea of what to expect.

Ariel’s Perspective

If Ariel could change anything about the real estate industry in general, he would improve communication between agents. Oftentimes, he says, agents aren’t as responsive to one another as he wishes they were. If only that was a feature in Matrix! (Maybe in a future update.)

He offered an additional piece of advice to his fellow real estate professionals: Regular training is “a must” if you want to get the most out of your MLS. The tools available to you as a CRMLS user are constantly improving and evolving, so “it is vital to keep up with the newest and greatest tools” to which you have access. (CRMLS Education has tons of free classes, both online and in person. Check out the Education page on CRMLS.org to find the right training for your schedule.)


Thanks to Ariel for taking the time to speak with us! Here’s a link to his website and here’s a link to his Facebook page. If you’re interested in being profiled, drop us a line at communications@crmls.org.

(Image source: Ariel Carmona)

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