Your CRMLS listing distribution options with Zillow change 1/12/2021

How Zillow’s transition to IDX affects you

Zillow is transitioning from being a listing distribution portal to a dues-paying member of NAR and local Associations. They will soon begin to enjoy the same rights, and will need to follow the same rules, as other brokerages.

Among these important rights is the right to access IDX (Internet Data Exchange) feeds. Before 1/12/2021, Zillow received listing data from brokers instructing CRMLS to provide their listing information through a specifically tailored listing distribution feed. Once Zillow becomes a brokerage in our area, they will access listings through the same feeds that all other brokers do.

This change takes place Tuesday, 1/12/2021.

Here is a breakdown of what this means for you. Click here to read a more in-depth FAQ.

Listing distribution control changes

With a few exceptions (see below) the CRMLS system before 1/12/2021 permits brokers to control which listing distribution partners receive their listings, including,,, and Zillow.

Those options will change on 1/12/2021. As Zillow will be a participating brokerage instead of a listing distribution portal, brokers will not be able to specifically exclude Zillow from receiving their listings.

Your options in the Listing Distribution dashboard currently look something like this:


Starting 1/12/2021, Zillow will no longer appear under Broker Listing Distribution options.

Matrix & Paragon

On 1/12/2021, we will remove Zillow from the list of Listing Distribution options.


Starting 1/12/2021, this screen will be blank.

Changes to how listings display on Zillow

Because of the switch to IDX feeds, listing data will display on Zillow differently than before 1/12/2021. Full details are still forthcoming. We know, however, that our IDX licensing agreement does not permit advertising in the way you may be used to on Zillow. Zillow will update its current listing displays to comply with CRMLS IDX standards, the same as any brokerage that uses that same IDX listing data feed.

Changes to rental listing search on Zillow

As of 1/12/2021, Zillow will no longer combine rental and for-sale properties in the same search. Their IDX feed for MLS-sourced for sale listings will not comingle with their feeds for rental listings.


We hope this helps clarify what changes on 1/12/2021. As always, you’re welcome to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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