December 2023 Broker Report

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Your 2023 Recap

This has been a breakthrough year for CRMLS. Let’s review:

  • Understanding the Sitzer/Burnett Case Decision
    The outcome of the Burnett v NAR et al trial (otherwise known as the Sitzer/Burnett case) in late October left a lot of real estate professionals uncertain about the future. Our CEO Art Carter and VP and General Counsel Ed Zorn hosted a comprehensive review that includes details of the case and advice on adapting to the anticipated changes.
  • Broker Compliance Helpline
    On April 26, we introduced an exclusive new line of support for brokers & and managers: The Broker Compliance Helpline! Brokers and managers calling for Compliance support can call 909-859-2043 and press 3 to speak directly to a compliance analyst for assistance. Please have your MLS ID ready. 

    • Hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM (Brokers & Office Managers Only)
  • Local Logic available in Paragon and Flexmls
    Local Logic, a location insights data provider, fully integrated with Flexmls and Paragon on September 28, and will be available in Matrix in early 2024. Local Logic delivers information about neighborhood demographics and local character, such as noise levels, school info, walkability scores, and more.
  • WellcomeMat’s Video Toolbox Launched as a CRMLS Benefit on November 28
    WellcomeMat enables CRMLS users to upload listing videos to the MLS and offers unique tools for modifying, distributing to social media, and tracking video engagement metrics. WellcomeMat is now available in CRMLS Matrix, with Paragon and Flexmls to follow soon.
  • Create Floor Plans with Your Phone with CubiCasa
    CRMLS now offers CubiCasa, a user-friendly tool for creating floor plans, as the latest, no-cost core product. Users only need to download the app to their phone, scan a walkthrough of the property, and send the scan to CubiCasa to convert it to a floor plan. Basic floor plans are available at no cost, and CRMLS members have a special 25% discount on upgrades and add-ons.
  • Reciprocal Access to Georgia-based FirstMLS & Florida-based MIAMI AOR
    Matrix users gained reciprocal access (aka “guest access”) to FirstMLS (FMLS), the largest MLS in Georgia, and MIAMI AOR (MIAMI), based in southern Florida. This means CRMLS users can search among and email listings from FirstMLS and MIAMI. FirstMLS has 56,000-plus members while MIAMI has 60,000-plus members. As it is reciprocal access, FirstMLS and MIAMI members can also search CRMLS inventory. To access FirstMLS or MIAMI, go to the Links tab in your Matrix system and click the FMLS or MIAMI icons.


Check out the MLS Stats for November 2023. If you’re interested in stats for your office, reach out to



Question of the Month

“You have a scheduled showing but will be unable to attend due to a conflict. Which of the following is a permissible option in this situation?”

  1. Give your client your electronic key and tell them they can go look at the property on their own
  2. Demand that the listing agent go to the property and conduct the showing
  3. Go to the property and open the door for the client, tell them they can go in and look at the property, and then go off to your other appointment
  4. None of the above

Answer: D

Rule 13.1 states that “Keys may not be used under any circumstances by anyone other than the key holder, including, but not limited to, lending, borrowing or sharing keys with others.” This means you cannot let your client use your key. Furthermore, Rule 9.9 states that a broker or agent “must be physically present on the property at all times when providing access to a listed property unless the Seller has consented otherwise.” Unless the seller permits you, you must be present with your client at the property both to let them in and while they are inside. 

Additional resources are available here:

REMINDER: Review the way your listings display on the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) feeds!

Make sure that your contact information is showing up correctly on all IDX feeds. You can check this on your own website’s feed (if you have one), and if you need to make any additions or changes, you can follow this guide to update how your listings display through IDX.

Reminder: Keep your Office Compliance Email Address Updated

The Office Compliance Email is the single defined email address for broker-level compliance emails sent to an office. This means that compliance emails that would ordinarily go to a broker, office manager, and/or office assistant (e.g., agent citations, etc.) will go directly to a single email address of the broker’s choice. As a reminder, it is your responsibility to keep the Office Compliance Email Address up to date. Please note: the broker will still be included even if there is an Office Compliance Email in the roster, and the agent will still receive the notice to their individual email.

If brokers do not update this field, the Compliance emails will be sent to the Office Manager email (if there is an Office Manager linked to the office); if there is no Office Manager linked to the office, Compliance emails will be sent to the Designated Broker (DB).

The Office Compliance Email Address can be updated by contacting your AOR directly or by following the step-by-step guides for your MLS platform. 

2024 Compliance Top Violations Overview Quarterly General Sessions are Coming!

Mark your calendar! Our webinars are a great resource for new agents and a great refresher for seasoned agents and brokers. Join us as we discuss the most common violations and provide tips on how to avoid them and the fines associated with them. 

Other topics will include CRMLS Rules & Policies, the CRMLS Citation Policy, Registered Process, Clear Cooperation Policy, Coming Soon Status, and CRMLS Member Resources. Please spread the word and share the registration links below!

Enhancements & Products

Provide your clients with everything they need for their next move
LiveEasy helps arrange utilities, household projects, and more

Your clients have a lot on their plate when it comes to their real estate experience, not just finding a place but also when they need to actually move into it! Help your clients de-stress with LiveEasy, the concierge service that can help with moving, household management, and more. 

This is a CRMLS core product that was integrated on Tuesday, December 12, and is available to all users at no additional cost.

LiveEasy offers an intuitive online platform that can help your clients not only organize everything they need for their move, but also help schedule services like movers, utility activation, and more, all at exclusive pre-negotiated discounts. Once their move is complete, LiveEasy helps with security systems, home improvement projects, managing household equity, and other important aspects of making a new house a home.

You’ll be able to find the LiveEasy icon in your REcenterhub dashboard. Simply click on it to get started and see how much value LiveEasy can add to your services.

LiveEasy’s launch is at the perfect time to offer a gesture for the holidays to all your clients searching for their new home. We look forward to bringing you this latest development in client-agent relations. Below are additional resources:




2023 MLS Experience: Share your experience with your MLS

As 2023 comes to an end, CRMLS would like to thank you for being a loyal user. Please tell us about your MLS Experience and the improvements you’d like to see.

Beware of Online Scams

Online scammers will send you emails or text messages to try to trick you into giving your personal and financial information by pretending to be from an organization you may recognize. This scam, called “phishing”, has become more and more prevalent in the real estate industry, so CRMLS would like to make you aware of several ways to recognize a scam:

  • Pressure to act immediately i.e., “Act now or your account will be frozen”
  • Requesting your credit card information for immediate payment
  • Saying they’ve noticed suspicious activity or log-in attempts
  • Requesting to click on a complex, unfamiliar link

CRMLS does NOT ask for any credit card information over a call or a text message. The first payment requests on a citation will come via email from QuickBooks, specifically from the email address Upon follow-up requests, you will receive the link from and/or

In addition, scammers can format emails to make it look like they are from a company you know, with logos, headers, etc. Here are signs that such emails are a scam:

  • The email has a generic greeting, i.e., not addressing you by your name
  • The sender’s email address is not recognizable or from an unfamiliar domain
  • Misspellings

If you’re ever unsure about the legitimacy of an email, please contact in a new email thread (please don’t forward the initial email). We also have a blog series on CRMLS’s commitment to cybersecurity and how to protect yourself. View the resources below:

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