CRMLS Broker Report: May 2021

Welcome to the May 2021 Broker Report. This information is available for you to share with your agents and office staff. Resources for you and your agents on any modifications to how you do business are available on our webpage: CRMLS COVID-19 Resources.

New Consumer Protection rules are coming in 2021. Click here for more information.

An important update on CRMLS and Glide

Due to the overwhelming amount of feedback we’ve received, we removed the “Submit offer using Glide” button from Matrix, Paragon, Flex, and IDX on Monday, 5/17.

Here is CRMLS’s status with Glide:

  • Glide is, as of this writing, still a CRMLS benefit provided at no cost to our users
  • Any transactions you have in process with Glide should not be affected
  • We have removed the “Submit offer using Glide” button from Matrix, Paragon, Flex, and IDX.

We will present all user feedback at the CRMLS Board of Directors meeting. CRMLS will determine any next steps with Glide based on CRMLS user input. Thank you for making your voices heard.

In-person Open Houses are back in CRMLS

In response to new guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), CRMLS is re-enabling in-person open houses in its MLS systems, effective now.

While the state has recently revised its guidance on open houses, local jurisdictions are still in the process of reviewing the state’s guidelines. Many have yet to determine whether they will allow in-person open houses. At this time, several major jurisdictions have not updated their guidance to allow in-person open houses.

C.A.R. released information on this subject to REALTORS® on May 12th. C.A.R. attorneys are looking into what it means when it comes to hosting open houses. The links in their email raise questions, including how these changes apply to local jurisdictions, the use of the PEAD, registrations, maintaining physical distance, and much more.

We encourage you to contact your brokerage and your local jurisdiction before scheduling any open houses. Attorneys and brokers will need time to interpret these new guidelines.

CRMLS encourages you to continue to follow all federal, state, and local guidelines, as well as general common sense.

Per the CDPH:

“People who feel sick or have COVID-19 symptoms are not permitted to attend. Physical distancing between different households must be maintained, and hand sanitizer should be made available. Face coverings are required.”

Fair Housing Resources

Make your voice heard!

At CRMLS, your opinion matters tremendously. We need the feedback of industry experts like your to help us vet potential new products and review the current lineups to ensure we are offering the best quality MLS technology experience to CRMLS users.

If you’d like to join one of our focus groups to provide feedback on products, please contact Sarah Trent Miranda at Participants will attend via webinar. This meeting will include important discussions, product demonstrations, and more.

Compliance Corner

Education Corner

Enhancements & Product Corner




  • Paragon MLS app comparison chart
  • A new rule in Paragon, live today, restricts canceling a listing to Office Managers and Brokers only.
  • We’ve added office corporate license numbers to client report footers and Agent Preferred.
  • In-person Open Houses are back!
  • Here is a guide to issues that have been recently resolved and are currently in progress:
    • IN FINAL STAGES OF TESTING – For comps with pictures, some pictures are not appearing clearly. Distortion has been reported. As a temporary workaround, we recommend you print to HTML format as a workaround. UPDATE: Once testing is complete, we will schedule a release date.
    • IN PROGRESS – We’re working to ensure Coming Soon to Active shows as New (with vendor)
    • IN PROGRESS – Addition of a a Change Type for Coming Soon so that it can have its own category on Hotsheets and MarketWatch (with vendor)
    • IN PROGRESS – Cleanup of City List (being finalized)
    • IN PROGRESS – We’re correcting “CRMLS Fill Agent” appearing on the List Agent ID or Buyer Agent ID on listings reports/displays. We resolved incoming listings were resolved in December 2020; older historical listings in SD County were resolved in early March. While we anticipate no further impact from this issue, we are still in progress with the final cleanup of older and invalid listings. UPDATE: Once testing is complete, we will schedule a release date.

Visit your dedicated Paragon Upgrade Resources Center for information.

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