CRMLS Coastal Mendocino AOR Broker Report: July Edition

Volume 2022 Edition 7

Welcome to your Broker Report. CRMLS is broker-driven. We work to keep our brokers as informed and up-to-speed as possible.

REdistribute is a new collaborative venture from CRMLS and Bright MLS

Making sure brokerages are compensated at market value for their data 

CRMLS is thrilled to announce our launch of REdistribute, a collaborative venture with Bright MLS that will aggregate and distribute MLS data while ensuring that participating brokers are compensated at fair market value for the data they bring.

REdistribute aims to rebalance the current industry norm: third parties using MLS data to their profit without returning any of that value to the brokers and agents who supplied that information. 

Through this venture, CRMLS and Bright MLS are putting a “stake in the ground” to ensure brokerages are fairly compensated for the data they provide and to create a more open and transparent marketplace for everyone. 

This is truly a turning point for our industry. 

Read our press release for more details on this launch and the future of REdistribute. 

Visit our webpage for additional information, including FAQs.

Share the CRMLS Compliance Quiz with your office

CRMLS Compliance Quiz

We recently launched a new CRMLS Compliance Quiz:

Take the quiz

The quiz is short, optional, and anonymous. It will be helpful in educating agents about common rules violations, saving you time, money, and stress. We encourage you to share it with your office. We want them to learn common rules and pitfalls here, not through a violation notice.

Important Broker Resources

Brokers and managers can jump ahead of the wait time for MLS assistance by calling our Broker Support Line at 909-859-2043.
Please note, you must identify yourself by your broker or broker/office assistant MLS ID, as not all user classes have access to this service. For a list of MLS user classes that can access the Broker Helpline, see the last column of our User Classes document.

Compliance Corner 

Citation Policy Review

Here are a few quick reference guides for you to review and share with your agents:

Enhancement & Product Corner

Member Experience Tip of the Month: Flex has 4 easy ways to share a listing

Emailing a listing can sometimes be too long of a setup process, so Flex MLS has made it easy when you simply want to share a listing.   

Generate a Search > Select a Listing(s) > Click “Share” > Under “Listings to Share”, select: “Current” or “Selected” > Choose from the following: 

  • Facebook: will allow you to log into your account and post Listing(s). 
  • Email: will generate an email to your defaulted email with a URL link. 
  • Twitter: will allow you to log into your account and post Listing(s). 
  • Permalink: will generate a shareable URL link that can be copied and pasted. 

*Disclaimer: If you are not the Listing Agent and you want to share a listing to the public, you must first get written consent from the Listing Agent. In compliance with the CRMLS Rule 12.8 Advertising of Listing Filed With the MLS. 

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