Trending Topics for Compliance: November 2021

Curious to know what our Compliance Department is hearing? Read our top trending items for the month.

1. Launch of the New Registered Listing Process 11/16/21

On November 16, 2021, CRMLS launched a Registered Listings service in your Listing Toolbox. This service enables you to enter and manage your excluded listings quickly and easily. From the launch of this service onwards, you should enter all listings that a seller has directed you to exclude from the MLS into CRMLS’s Registered Listings service.

Important! You still need a seller-signed exclusion form to keep a listing out of the MLS. However, you no longer need to submit exclusion or waiver forms (like the CAR SELM) to CRMLS.

Here’s where to find the Listing Toolbox tile:

(Your dashboard may not look exactly like this, as product availability differs across Associations, Boards, and MLSs.)

From this tile, click on the Registered Listings option on the left.

Here, you can enter new Registered listings, manage information, and see all your Registered listings in one place.

CRMLS Agents can see and edit their own listings, while brokers and office managers see their entire office’s listings in one streamlined, easily organized area.

2. Coming Soon Status

The Coming Soon status allows listing agents to take up to 21 days to stage properties, take interior photos, and prepare them for showings, without accruing Days on Market. Listing agents and brokers may find this status option useful.

Please keep in mind that you need a Coming Soon form signed by your seller before you can enter a listing using the Coming Soon status. This form is available here on our website, or in zipForm at this link. CRMLS recommends using the most recent version of any form, though we will accept any valid version.

For all your Coming Soon questions, we have FAQs specific to each platform – Matrix, Paragon, Flexmls, and Rapattoni – in our Knowledgebase. Follow this link and scroll to find your platform for more information.

3. Friendly Broker Reminders 

Under CRMLS Rule 14.4, an agent’s failure to correct a violation can result in citations for the broker or office manager. Sometimes, agents who receive citations do not attend to Compliance’s requests to correct the issues with their listing. Please ensure that agents respond to communication from CRMLS and intervene when they do not.

Additionally, please understand that assistants who are not CRMLS users may not make any corrections to listings on behalf of CRMLS agent users. CRMLS may only converse with the agent themselves, the agent’s office manager, the Broker, or an office assistant associated with the office.

Resources to Remember

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