CRMLS Rapattoni Broker Report: October 2021 Edition

Welcome to the October 2021 Broker Report. This information is available for you to share with your agents and office staff. Visit the COVID-19 webpage to view resources for you and your agents on any modifications to how you do business.

CEO Update on November 3 at 2pm. Register today!

  • Weโ€™re changing the process to Register and Exclude a Listing. Make sure you attend to ease this new process for your agents.
  • “Coming Soon” is always a hot topic. Join CRMLS CEO Art as he discusses and gathers your feedback to upcoming Coming Soon changes.
  • We will also update you on current industry happenings. See below for a quick summary:
    • NAR & DOJ โ€“ The US Department of Justice has investigated NAR and MLS practices since 2019, focusing on buyer broker compensation and the Clear Cooperation Policy. NAR and the DOJ agreed on a settlement in 2020, but the battle reignited when the DOJ pulled out of the agreement in July 2021.  
    • Moehrl vs. NAR et al.  โ€“ A class action lawsuit filed in 2019 challenges the sharing of sales commissions between listing brokers and buyerโ€™s brokers, arguing that sellers overpay under this system. 
    • Sitzer v. NAR et al. โ€“ A lawsuit filed in 2019 seeking class action status challenges, like Moehrl, the system by which home sellers pay the commissions of buyer’s brokers, arguing that sellers overpay. 
    • REX vs Zilllow & NAR โ€“ A lawsuit filed in March 2021 by non-MLS/NAR real estate brokerage REX alleges antitrust violations against NAR and Zillow for separating MLS and non-MLS listings on Zillow’s website.  
    • Leeder vs NAR et al. โ€“ A class action lawsuit filed in January 2021 alleges that sharing commissions between listing and buyer brokers inflates buyer costs in the form of higher home prices.  
    • PLS vs. NAR & CRMLS โ€“ A lawsuit filed in May 2020 by PLS against NAR and CRMLS alleging that the Clear Cooperation Policy violates antitrust law. 

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