4 CRMLS Broker Resources You May Not Know About

CRMLS Broker Resources Survey

CRMLS is always working to offer more to its brokers – more data, more communication, more broker resources in general. That’s why we’re providing this list of four resources CRMLS offers to all its broker participants.

A Dedicated Broker Resources Director

CRMLS Broker Resources Amy A. Ulloa-Zuniga

We recently hired Amy A. Ulloa-Zúñiga as Director of Broker Resources. Amy is responsible for developing and maintaining the relationships between CRMLS and its participating brokers. She manages broker-targeted communications, liaises with brokers to uncover common and emergent MLS-related concerns, and works interdepartmentally within CRMLS to address these concerns. (For more on Amy, here’s our press release about her role and background.)

Feel free to reach out to Amy if you have any questions or concerns at amy (at) crmls.org.

Broker Office Training

CRMLS Broker Resources Training

As a broker, office manager, or administrator, you are often responsible for coordinating staff training sessions. We can’t overstate the value of quality education. That’s why we offer classes on CRMLS products and services to brokerages – at no additional cost.

Many classes are available, running the gamut from Matrix to CRMLS Compliance to recently added products like Remine, Homesnap, and Cloud MLX. Click here to see a list of the classes on offer.

You may find the “Matrix: Broker Office Admin” class especially helpful. It covers everything brokers, office managers and administrators need to know about how their jobs interact with CRMLS. Whether you’re a new administrator or you’re looking to brush up on the latest updates, this class has you covered. Here’s a link to request training at your brokerage. (You can also schedule a training by emailing amy (at) crmls.org.)

Broker Resources Surveys

CRMLS Broker Resources Survey

We sent out a survey to participating brokers last month. The more we know about how brokers use their MLS, the better service we’ll provide. Thanks to all our respondents! We’ll be listening to your feedback and applying it as much as possible.

Please be on the lookout for additional contact from us in the coming months. Your voice matters, and your feedback is invaluable.

Broker Listing Syndication Checks

CRMLS Broker Resources Check

CRMLS brokers have control of their data. As CRMLS Chair Tom Berge, Jr. said in a recent press release, “We pride ourselves on giving brokers a variety of choices in how they do business. If brokers want their listings to syndicate, they have that choice. If they would prefer not to syndicate listings, they have that choice, too.”

For each of the past three years, we issued checks to the brokerages who contributed 10 or more listings to the CRMLS database. (The only exception is for listings with confirmed violations or fines.) These checks represent brokerages’ shares of the revenue CRMLS earns from entering syndication agreements.

In plain English: CRMLS gets money from syndication partners who receive listings from the MLS database. Brokerages can choose if their listing data goes to these channels. We feel that, since the listing data comes from the brokerages, brokerages deserve the revenue their MLS gets from its licensing. That’s why each year we send syndicating brokerages all the money we earn from syndication, less the costs of printing and distributing checks.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program, our press release has further detail. Feel free to call the CRMLS Customer Care Department at 800-925-1525 for information on joining.


We hope this list of broker resources has been helpful for you. CRMLS is directed by its brokers; that’s why we’re always working to improve the service we offer. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to amy (at) crmls.org, or the CRMLS Customer Care Department at 800-925-1525. Thank you!

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