CRMLS and Your AOR: Connecting, Communicating, Evolving

CRMLS AOR Meet With Us

Welcome back to the Association Resource portion of the CRMLS Blog! Last time, we detailed what the relationship between your AOR (Association of REALTORS®) or BOR (Board of REALTORS®) and CRMLS looks like logistically. This time, we’ll be talking about how CRMLS and your Association or Board collaborate and communicate with one another. Let’s dive right in!

CRMLS + Your AOR – Email and Phone Communication

CRMLS AOR Communication - How

We field upwards of 1,000 emails and 100 phone calls per month from our AOR and BOR representatives. In addition, we communicate via emails we call “eConnects” and “eAlerts.” The CRMLS Association Resource Department sends these emails to each of the Association Executives at your Association or Board before passing them on to general membership.

Successful communication is a two-way street. We do our best to accommodate requests from each AOR and BOR. If, for instance, an AOR or BOR is hosting an event, we’ll often help them promote it to their membership. That’s just one example – requests are always coming in, and our Association Resource Department works to serve as many as possible.

Our favorite means of communication, however, will always be face to face.

CRMLS + Your AOR – In-Person Meetings

CRMLS AOR Meet With Us

Though we make a point of keeping in touch with each AOR throughout the year, one event stands out: The California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) Annual Meetings. We welcome staff and leadership from all 38 CRMLS member AORs and BORs to sit with us at these meetings. C.A.R. holds three meetings per year, in winter, spring, and fall. We’re always there, and always happy to meet with AOR and BOR representatives!

Here is why the C.A.R. annual meetings are so important and here’s how they work. At each meeting, CRMLS reserves a suite to host an AE Forum and a General Membership Forum. These forums take place over the course of the three days. During these forums, we give a presentation on recent updates and forecasts for the coming year. These events present an opportunity for your AOR to ask questions and give feedback on how we’re doing. AEs are free to ask about anything we’re working on that impacts you, their members. Remember: we’re here to help!

Aside from these presentations, CRMLS reserves spots during the remainder of the C.A.R. meeting days to interface with AORs individually. Our goal is to provide each AOR and BOR with private meeting time so they can give and receive in-depth feedback. Most frequently, we hear about system suggestions or requests for enhancements. If you have a bright idea for how CRMLS can improve its systems, share it with your Association! We’re always looking for ways to improve our services.

We’ll See You and Your AOR in the Fall!

CRMLS AOR Until Next Time

CRMLS has hosted forums and meetings at C.A.R. for a decade now. They are a helpful way to brainstorm, educate, and improve on both internal policies and our platforms, and have proven to be a great opportunity to network, share ideas and gather feedback. Each AOR and BOR is unique, so we love taking time to learn. We want to know the best ways we can work together with each other to further improve the nation’s largest and most recognized MLS. The C.A.R. Spring meetings concluded earlier this month. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the fall!

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