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If you are a practicing real estate broker or agent, you don’t need any lecturing on how important listing exposure is to your business. It’s pretty simple: the more agents who can see your listing, the better chance you have of closing a sale.

Broad listing exposure is one of the major benefits CRMLS subscribers receive anytime they submit a listing to our database of over 100,000 active listings throughout California. But if there were something else you could do to boost your exposure and generate more leads, you’d do it right? Of course you would.

That’s where ListHub comes in:

ListHub allows CRMLS brokers to push their data to over 85 national consumer websites, free of charge.


So how does this work?

First off, every time you submit a listing to the MLS, you have the option to choose “YES” or “NO” in a field labelled “Send Listing to Internet.” (Please note: this does require permission from the owner of the property.) When you choose “YES”, your data may now be distributed to websites through ListHub, at your brokers sole discretion.

Just to clarify…

Sometimes we are asked why CRMLS sells your data to 3rd party consumer websites. The truth is…we don’t. So why are you seeing your listings pop up on other sites?

1) Your broker may be directing your listing data to be distributed to 3rd party sites through ListHub – check with them first.

2) If you use any 3rd party services such as virtual tour websites to enhance your listings, READ THE FINE PRINT. Many of these services include language in their terms of service that allow them to repurpose your listing data, including selling it to other sites.

3) Remember, you can always opt to NOT send your listing to the Internet when you enter your listing into the MLS. It will still be viewable inside the MLS system.

One of the great benefits of using ListHub through CRMLS, rather than going to 3rd party sites yourself, is that you and your broker have much more control over where your data goes, and you can rest assured that the integrity of your data will remain intact. Brokers can individually select which 3rd party sites they would like to distribute to. Plus, you don’t have to do anything other than enter your listing into the MLS to ensure it will be pushed to those sites. Since ListHub pulls listings directly from CRMLS Matrix and syncs information several times per day, your data remains accurate and up to date.

There are a number of other protective measures included in ListHub’s publisher agreements to ensure your data is reaching the market the way you want it to. For example, publishers may not use your listing data for any derivative purposes, meaning they are unable to sell your data or redistribute it independently. They also must display broker-authorized, MLS-sourced data as the highest ranking listing for any given property, giving your listing an edge over inaccurate or incomplete listings created by other 3rd parties.

CLICK HERE for a complete explanation of ListHub’s Listing and Data Protections.

Aside from expertly handling and maintaining your data, ListHub also collects traffic metrics from every publisher website you send your data to. It then compiles that data into reports that can provide you with valuable insight into where and how consumers are finding your listings, so you can tailor your marketing strategies appropriately.

Did we mention there is NO COST for you to use these services?

Bottom line: you want to get your listing out into the world of home buyers, as far and as wide as possible. But there are certain risks associated whenever you release data into the Internet. We know. That’s why we’ve set you up with ListHub.

ListHub is the safest, most efficient way to distribute your listings without jeopardizing the integrity of your data.

Visit for more information about how ListHub can benefit your business.

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  2. kathie Laursen

    I will review this and may be contacting someone for further information…

    1. Marisela Herrera

      You say at “NO COST” to realtors.. Actually it is a huge cost to realtors…due to the fact that now consumers don’t see the need to call realtors to get information on a listing because it is all available at their fingertips, therefore costing agents prospective leads that are now sold to agents from these same 3rd party sites. The consumer does not even have to call a realtor when they find a home with a for sale sign..why? Well they have no need to, it’s all available at their fingertips provided by these 3rd party sites . 🙁

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