Reimagine MLS: The CRMLS Commitment to the Future

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Recently we heard from CRMLS CEO Art Carter about the true role of the MLS in the real estate industry.

The MLS serves brokers and agents so that they can better serve their consumers.

That has been our mission since the first MLS meetings were called in early 19th century America. Of course, the methods and means available to realize this purpose have changed quite a bit since the final days of American colonization. We live in the Age of the Internet, an age of enhanced communication and instant gratification. But one thing remains unchanged; the MLS is a community.

More importantly, it’s YOUR community.

At CRMLS, we don’t take that lightly. In fact, it is the principal on which our organization was built, and the principal by which it continues to thrive. In your community, you have a voice. That’s why CRMLS is proud to announce a new slogan indicative of the role every one of our subscribers can play in the future of our organization: Reimagine MLS.




The meaning of this phrase is twofold for CRMLS. First, the phrase is actionable by design. Actionable for YOU. It’s time to rethink direction, and maybe rearrange a few priorities. What works for you now? What could help to improve the MLS’s service to you? By talking to your local Association leadership, you can really affect change in our community. We have a constant open line of communication with all our participating Associations, and every decision about how we run our services comes from the ground up. That’s why we have Association representatives on the CRMLS Rules Committee, Finance Committee, and Operations Committee. So please, if you have something to say, bring it to your Association leadership. We’re waiting to hear from you.

The second intention of the slogan is to make clear that CRMLS is not here to maintain the MLS status quo. Our focus is on forging the future of the MLS in the best interests of the brokers and agents we serve. In light of new technologies, we feel that it is time to ask ourselves, “If we were building the MLS today, instead of the 1800s, how would we do it?”

Distance and time no longer present a barrier to sharing MLS listing data. Today, just within CRMLS’s system, you can share listings instantly from the San Francisco Bay area all the way to Southern California. So if the MLS were invented today, would we really want to carve up our state into over 50 different areas, each run by a separate entity? Would we stockpile data to ourselves instead of sharing across the state for the benefit of everyone’s business? The resounding response we’re hearing from membership is, “NO.”

Just last week, the Facebook page for It’s My Business, the campaign for Statewide MLS Listing Access, reached 2,000 likes. That’s a 100% increase since we emailed membership about the movement just two weeks ago.

The message is crystal clear: the MLS as we know it needs to change.

With the implementation of our new slogan, CRMLS is making the commitment to you, our members, and to every real estate professional across the state of California that we will be at the forefront of that change. We will listen to our community. And we will act.

Because it is time. Time to

Reimagine MLS.

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  1. David Atkins

    I heard that CRMLS Matrix is not going to cover Madera County / Rappatoni very soon. Is that true?

  2. Tere Rice

    Reimagine the Mls. Ok, so to start with for just for clarification. Re agents upload pics and data for homes they have worked hard to acquire, on to the Mls which the Mls out sources our information for FREE to online websites such as Zillow who in turn sells space back to re agents that don’t have listings. Also my listings will also populate any brokers websites which they will look like the list agent. But as the list agent I can not put my contact information in the description. Something is wrong with this picture.

    1. CRMLS

      Hi Tere,

      Thanks for your response. CRMLS is committed to the principal that the Seller and Listing Broker control where their listing goes. CRMLS is an Opt-in organization, so the Listing Broker decides if they want their listings to go to Zillow. CRMLS listings do not automatically go to Zillow. The listing Broker needs to turn the Zillow switch on within their own dashboard, before their listings will go to Zillow. The listing broker also holds the power to decide if they want their listings to go out to other agents’ websites via IDX. There is no requirement that you send your listings to other agents’ websites. Additionally, the Seller may also decide to not syndicate their listing to the internet. As a listing broker, the add/edit module within the CRMLS system provides you the option to not syndicate any specific listing to the internet. CRMLS provides the ability for listing brokers to manage where their listings go, and there is available information on the CRMLS Knowledge Base to assist you in understanding the various options.

      For more information about how CRMLS handles listing distribution, please see the Knowledgebase:

      OR this blog post:

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