Understanding the Difference Between the Association Product Co-Op & CRMLS Marketplace


Here at CRMLS, we work tirelessly to bring you product options that help you organize, communicate, and improve the overall efficiency of your business. In fact, we offer over a dozen of these powerful MLS-integrated business tools to our subscribers at absolutely no extra cost. But the world of real estate technology grows rapidly every day, and it is part of our mission to provide you with as many choices as possible to tailor your MLS experience to your individual business needs.


That is why CRMLS has introduced the Association Product Co-Op and CRMLS Marketplace, two distinct ways for subscribers to gain access to even more valuable products.


Not sure what each of these is or how to use them? Well, you’re in luck! Below is a side-by-side comparison of the Association Product Co-Op and CRMLS Marketplace.


Association Product Co-Op CRMLS Marketplace

What is its purpose?


The purpose of both the Association Product Co-Op and CRMLS Marketplace is to provide CRMLS subscribers with choice to shape their MLS experience, by offering them state-of-the-art technologies at greatly reduced cost.


How does it work? Your Association chooses which, if any, products from the Co-Op to offer to its members. You, as an individual agent, choose which, if any, products you would like to use from CRMLS Marketplace.


Who pays for it? Your Association & CRMLS. CRMLS offers every participating Association an allowance per subscriber every month toward Co-Op product licenses. This contribution renders some Co-Op products absolutely free! Additional costs over  the allotted amount per subscriber per month are paid for by the Association.


You, the agent.
Why should I get these products through CRMLS, and not on my own? Due to CRMLS’s significant subscriber base, we are able to negotiate heavily discounted prices from our product vendors, saving significantly on the costs for any one Association or individual to buy.


How do I participate? Talk to your local Association leadership. Product purchases from the Co-Op are determined at the Association level. If there is a product in the Co-Op that you would like to use, let your leadership know and encourage them to join the Association Product Co-Op! Visit CRMLS Marketplace or find “Marketplace” under the “Solutions” tab at CRMLS.org. Click on your desired product and follow the instructions to sign up with your special discount!


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