CRMLS Broker Report: May 2019


How Does CRMLS Share Data?

We’re pleased to share a new resource showing all data that is currently live in CRMLS. Click here to view a list of data share agreements in place for residential listing data, as well as information on bi-directional data flow.

CRMLS Listing Exclusion FAQ

Although it’s already May of 2019, we’re sticking to our New Year’s resolution: EDUCATE to ELEVATE your businesses.

We frequently receive questions about the CRMLS Listing Exclusion Form: What is its purpose and what makes it unique? To help keep you informed, we’re sharing some facts about the commonly used form below.

  1. Why does CRMLS have its own form? The CRMLS Listing Exclusion Form was created to address a frequently-raised user concern: Days on Market (DOM). Using other exclusion forms, listings that take time to remodel, stage, photograph, etc., before going into the MLS will display their DOM as the day the listing contract was signed – meaning that they will show a higher DOM than the number of days the listing has been marketed. The CRMLS Listing Exclusion form addresses this issue.

  2. How does the CRMLS form benefit me? The form allows you to start the DOM on the day you start marketing the listing, as opposed to the day a seller signs a listing contract with you. If you and the seller start working on providing services to increase the value of the listing, but haven’t held open houses, put a sign in front, listed it on a portal, or provided any other form of marketing, once you put it in the MLS, the DOM will only reflect the time the listing has been marketed – not contracted.

  3. What’s the difference between Days on Market and Days on MLS? Days on Market refers to how long the listing has been marketed for sale in any form. It may coincide with, but is not the same as, the number of days a property has been in the MLS.

  4. How do you avoid abuse of this system? The CRMLS Compliance Department closely cross-references MLS data with data supplied via Listing Exclusion forms. At the same time, we encourage CRMLS users to report rule violations. For example, if you’ve seen marketing for a listing in the past, and it suddenly appears in the MLS with a DOM of 0, it’s likely the listing agent has provided inaccurate data.

  5. Where can I learn more? Visit the Listing Exclusion FAQ document for more information on this topic, or visit to exclude a listing or download forms.

April 2019 Market Trend Recap

View the CRMLS Real Estate Market Trend Recap for April 2019. Stay current with the market trends of select counties in California.

Product of the Month: ShowingTime

CRMLS is proud to provide users with a wide array of real estate technology products at no additional cost. This month we’re spotlighting ShowingTime, a powerful, easy-to-use scheduling solution.


Why Use ShowingTime?

ShowingTime allows you to schedule property showings via your MLS platform. Available via the “Schedule a Showing” button in Matrix and Paragon and via mobile app, ShowingTime simplifies the showing request and confirmation process.

  • For showing agents: Point and click to request showings 24/7 – no phone tag
  • For listing agents: Generate showing requests 24/7, not just when you’re at the office
  • For everyone: Demonstrate your value to your clients with a log of request data

Check out the ShowingTime page on for details on this platform and its latest features.

Ready to get started? Click the ShowingTime icon on your dashboard to activate your account at no additional cost.


CRMLS is offering webinars on ShowingTime and other products all this month. Want to learn more? Register now.

Matrix Configuration Changes

View a list of the changes that took effect in the CRMLS Matrix system on May 7, 2019.

Broker Resources

Take advantage of broker-specific online resources designed to help you further your MLS experience.

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