Trending Topics for Compliance: November 2022

Avoiding Broker Citations

Maintaining accurate information and cooperating with CRMLS Compliance is the responsibility of both the Listing Agent and the Office Manager/Listing Broker. All notices sent to the Listing Agent are also copied to the applicable Broker of Record, Association, and (if appointed) Office Manager. If the Listing Agent fails to correct a violation, the Office Manager or Broker of Record is subject to a citation and fine for failing to correct the subject violation under rule 14.4(c). To avoid a citation, please make sure to follow up directly with Listing Agents regarding communications from CRMLS Compliance (such as warnings or citations) and about any violations that might not have been corrected.

Register for the CRMLS Top Violations Overview Quarterly Compliance Webinars

CRMLS will be hosting the Quarterly Top Violations Overview Compliance Webinars for all CRMLS users at the end of January 2023. We encourage anyone interested to attend.
In these webinars, we will dissect the most common compliance violations and provide you with tips on how to avoid them. Other topics that will be discussed include:

  • Where the CRMLS Rules & Regulations and fines originate
  • The CRMLS Citation Policy
  • Registered Process
  • Clear Cooperation Policy
  • Coming Soon Status

Follow the links below to register for the webinar that covers your office’s MLS system.

Top Violations & Clear Cooperation Policy for CRMLS Matrix
Tuesday, January 24 @ 10:00 AM PT
Register Here

Top Violations/Clear Cooperation Policy for Paragon
Wednesday, January 25 @ 2 PM PT
Register Here

Top Violations/Clear Cooperation Policy for Flex
Thursday, January 26 @ 10 AM PT
Register Here

Test Your Knowledge by Taking the CRMLS Compliance Quiz!

Are you and your agents up for a challenge? Find out how much you know about the CRMLS Rules and Regulations and Citation Policy! Click here to take the CRMLS Compliance Quiz.

Compliance Quiz – Question of the Month

True or False
: If the Warning notice that CRMLS emailed me went to my spam folder, that is grounds for Compliance to dismiss any Citations I received after not seeing the Warning notice.
False. Both Rule 12.22 and the End User License Agreement you signed when you joined CRMLS state that you must maintain a current, accurate, and active email address which CRMLS can use to contact you. If CRMLS sends notices to the email you have provided, it is your responsibility to properly monitor the email inbox and folders.

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