Trending Topics for Compliance: September 2022

1. Test Your Knowledge by Taking the CRMLS Compliance Quiz! 

Are you and your agents up for a challenge?  Find out how much you know about the CRMLS Rules and Regulations and Citation Policy! 

Click here to take the CRMLS Compliance Quiz   

Compliance Quiz – Question of the Month 

One of the Compliance Quiz questions that has proven difficult for people over the last few weeks has to do with the content allowed in the public remarks or property description field. Here is the full question and an explanation for the answer:

“You’re entering a listing and you want the world to know all about it! Which of these would get you in trouble with CRMLS if you put it in the Public Remarks or Property Description field?”

a. The number of bedrooms on the property
b. A mention of a swimming pool on the property
c. The date and time of an upcoming open house
d. None of the above

Answer:  c. The date and time of an upcoming open house

Open house information may not be displayed in the Public Remarks or Property Description. The Public Remarks and Property Description field may not contain any of the following information: open house information, gate codes, showing instructions, compensation information, lockbox information, occupancy status of the property, email addresses, phone numbers, agent or brokerage information, links to unbranded virtual tours or virtual showings or virtual open houses, or language that violates applicable fair housing guidelines. CRMLS will remove any content like this as it violates CRMLS Rule 12.5.

2. Register for the CRMLS Compliance General Session Webinars

We are hosting this quarter’s Compliance webinars for all CRMLS users at the end of October 2022, and we encourage everyone to attend! Join us as we discuss an overview of CRMLS’s Top Violations.

During these presentations, we will dissect the most common violations and provide tips on how to avoid them and their associated fines. Other topics include:

– Where the CRMLS Rules & Regulations and fines originate
– The CRMLS Citation Policy
– Registered Process
– Clear Cooperation Policy
– Coming Soon Status

Follow the links below to register for the webinar that covers your office’s MLS system.

Top Violations/Clear Cooperation Policy for Matrix on Tuesday, October 25 at 10am PT

Top Violations/Clear Cooperation Policy for Paragon on Wednesday, October 26 at 2pm PT

Top Violations/Clear Cooperation Policy for Flex on Thursday, October 27 at 10am PT

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